CoolWheel AT Hoverboard


  • Premium MALAYSIA-Made Hoverboard
  • Every Battery tested in Malaysia
  • Free from Major and Minor defects
  • Fine-Tuned and Balance
  • Easier to ride
  • With Warranty Certificate
  • MALAYSIA assembled and fine-tuned
  • Authentic TaoTao circuit board with the latest Authentic firmware
  • Control System: Intelligent 2-boards circuit
  • UL60950, TUV Certified Charger Adapter (the USA, German Safety standards)
  • 3-Pins power cord (UK, Singapore, and Malaysia Safety standards)
  • Charging power: Stabilized 42V/2A, prolonged battery life up to 600 cycles
  • Motor Power: High-efficiency 250W (Actual power is depending on speed, weight, and climbing degree, range from 200W to 350W)

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Suitable for Kids and Adults


LED Wheel (10in)

**Note: Latest version of CoolWheel AT comes with the LED wheel as shown below. Please refer below.

Additional information

Weight 12 kg

Black, Carbon Fiber, Tattoo, Lux Gold


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